Explore the benefits & ROI of collaborative robotics

Creating Jobs Through Automation

Robots and Your Employees
Cobots Offer Significant Advantages
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Cobot return-on-investment (ROI)

Your cobot starts paying for itself almost immediately:

  • Typical cobot out-of-box experience: less than one hour to unpack, mount, and program the robot for its first simple task.
  • Typical cobot set-up time: less than half a day
  • Payback period for Universal Robots: average of only 195 days – the fastest in the industry

Manufacturing improvements with automation

Robots work accurately and consistently around the clock to help improve your product quality and output, and reduce manufacturing costs. Small, lightweight cobots can be easily integrated into your existing production work flow, and can be quickly redeployed and reprogrammed as needed. So you can easily automate almost any manual task, even those with small batches or fast change-overs. You get consistent, accurate, high-quality output, with minimal downtime.