Robotic Injection Molding

Increase productivity with robotic injection molding

Collaborative robots are ideal for injection molding applications. In fact, injection molding applications can see even higher productivity gains than other types of machine tending operations because of the amount of time the process requires. In the several minutes it takes for a part to be molded, a human worker will typically move to another operation. But because those operations are not usually synchronized, time is wasted while the machine sits idle, waiting for the worker to return and remove the part from the machine, or the worker stands idle, waiting for the machine to complete its process. Either way, your productivity suffers.

Now your injection molding machine can be tended around-the-clock with a cost-effective, easy-to-program Universal Robots (UR) collaborative robot arm.

Automate injection molding processes within your plastic and polymer production

Collaborative UR can be used for many plastic and polymer production processes, including injection moulding applications. The patented force-limiting technology of collaborative UR robot arms makes them safe for human interaction without dedicated, shielded work cells (after risk assessment). And robots can run most applications autonomously, so you can continue operating your injection molding processes even when employees have gone home.

Advantages of collaborative robots for injection molding applications

  • Eliminate machine and worker idle time during molding process
  • Increase output with consistent, ongoing processing
  • Easily reprogram and redeploy robot arm to other operations as needed
  • Improve quality and reduce waste with consistent dosing pressure

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