Easy robotic integration and full range of accessories

Automation simplified

We've optimized the robotic integration process, making it fast, easy, and affordable for you to boost your productivity with collaborative robots.




Step 1: Define the problem

Not sure which process is a good candidate for automation? We'll walk through your production floor with you to help identify the best candidates, looking for those activities that fall under the 3Ds: jobs that are dirty, dull, or dangerous for human workers. Then we'll analyze your application and your production space to make the automation process as smooth and effective as possible.

Step 2: Discuss solutions

We're here to help you improve your business, not just sell you a robot. So as we explain what a collaborative robot can do for you, we'll also show you how to solve related processes up- and downstream. That may include conveyors, movers, or other devices to automate your process in the most cost-effective way, now and into the future.

Step 3: Prove the idea

When it comes to automation, seeing is believing. Our innovative approach uses 3D printing capabilities to perfectly match the ideal end effector to your specific process. Then we show you exactly how the automation process will look, with a proof-of-concept that matches your environment and the automation approach we recommend.

Step 4: Implement & support

We make sure you're ready to move ahead with your new robot with complete confidence. We'll bring in expert partners and integrators as needed, and provide training to get you up and running fast. We stand behind the process to make sure you get exactly what you envisioned, now and into the future.


Robotic accessories, grippers, and end effectors

Numatic Engineering offers a full array of robotic accessories to fulfil your complete automation needs. With decades of experience, we can help you analyze and make the best choices from the industry's top suppliers:

Robot Accessories from Numatic Engineering

  • Robot grippers & end effectors
  • Robot conveyors
  • Robot bases
  • Robot sensors & cameras

Robotiq offers easy-to-use, plug-and-play grippers, force torque sensors, and camera      UR5 robot mounted on mobile Numatic Engineering base     Collaborative robots can be integrated with conveyor for easy product movement

Industrial robots

Collaborative robots are ideal for automating nearly any manual task, but some situations require a different approach. Numatic Engineering brings decades of automation experience with a wide range of robotic motion to fulfill specific manufacturing needs. See our full line of industrial robots.