Robotic Pick & Place

Automate precise pick-and-place operations

Pick-and-place operations involve repetitive, typically precise motions to move a part from one location and place it in another. For humans, this monotonous work can lead to repetitive injuries, low morale and high turnover, and errors that can impact your bottom line.

By automating your pick-and-place processes with a Universal Robots (UR) collaborative robot arm, you get increased speed, accuracy, and output. And human workers can be redeployed to more rewarding, less injury-prone, and higher-value activities. The UR robot can even continue most pick-and-place applications autonomously, so you can handle inventory even when employees have gone home.

Advantages of collaborative robots for pick & place applications

  • Most pick and place applications can run autonomously
  • Repeatability of +/- 0.1 mm (.004 in) automates precision handling
  • Lightweight design can easily be deployed in tight spaces
  • Easy programming and short set-up time support even small-volume production
  • Fast and easy changeovers to new processes for agile manufacturing
  • Reusable programs for recurrent tasks

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