Nonstop productivity in your food & beverage production chain

Collaborative robot arms excel in food and beverage production chain, from processing through distribution

Improve quality and productivity with collaborative robots

In the food industry, product quality and faultless processing and handling are especially important. During peak seasons, robots can operate around the clock, delivering non-stop productivity to your business. And the robots can be easily deployed and re-programmed for different tasks and applications as often as needed. Collaborative robot arms offer advantages throughout the food and beverage production chain, from production and processing through distribution. They are ideal for large operations or small specialty producers.

Cobots excel in stringent food and beverage applications

Human workers in repetitive manual processes can cause errors, waste, and even contamination in food and beverage processing. Cobots are ideal in food and beverage industry environments—even those with special climatic or hygienic conditions. The robots work in environmental temperatures between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius and function in low-oxygen environments that would require complex equipment for human workers. Universal Robots are hermetically sealed and provided with a smooth outer housing which collects almost no dust or deposits. Specialty jacket or sleeves are available for specific application requirements.

Small and medium-sized companies increase competitiveness with cobots

Universal Robots collaborative robot arms can be implemented economically for nearly any business. The small size of the robots and their simple programming allow them to be used for a wide range of applications, letting even small companies address volatile markets and increase competitiveness. Six-axis robot arms from Universal Robots are in use globally in food and beverage industry applications such as pick & placeinspection, and packaging.

Protect and redeploy workers to higher-value tasks

Heavy food and beverage packaging tasks are no longer a challenge for employees. Robot arms from Universal Robots can take over dirty, dangerous, and dull jobs to reduce repetitive strain and accidental injuries, while freeing up human operators for higher-value tasks.

Advantages of cobots in the food & beverage industry

  • Hermetically sealed for use in hygienic environments
  • Specifically designed outer casing to reduce accumulation of dust and debris
  • Improve consistency while reducing waste
  • Specialty jacket or sleeves are available for specific application requirements.