Boost metal and machining productivity with industrial robot arms

Collaborative robot arms boost metal and machining productivity

Get your cobot competitive advantage

Collaborative robot arms improve both the quantity and quality of output for manufacturers in the metals and machining industry, boosting your productivity while reducing your time to market. This gives metals and machining companies a crucial competitive advantage. Collaborative robot arms quickly, accurately, and consistently tend machines, hour after hour, day after day. And that frees your employees for more valuable activities. Robot arms from Universal Robots are affordable even for small and mid-sized manufacturers, paying for themselves in an average of only 195 days. Collaborative robots give you all the advantages of automation without the high costs and dedicated production space required by traditional industrial robots.

Precise, accurate machining and flexible automation

Repeatable, accurate collaborative robots can machine tools and parts with 0.1mm (0.004 in) accuracy. And the flexibility and easy programming of Universal Robots robot arms allow you to deploy your robot across your production floor as needed, making it easy to adjust production lines for a range of processes, materials, and specialized products.

Improve employee safety while increasing output

Metal and machining operations are repetitive and can be dangerous for human workers due to accidental or repetitive injuries. In areas with high employment, it can be difficult for manufacturers to find workers who are willing to manage these processes. And it can be hard for human workers to provide consistent, accurate, and fast throughput for these boring jobs day in and day out. A machining robot can perform complex tasks that require working in close proximity to dangerous machinery, reducing the risk of employee injury while increasing output and quality. After risk assessment, most collaborative robots can work without safety caging, right alongside human workers.

Advantages of collaborative robots for the metals and machining industry

  • Increased output and improved quality and consistency
  • Fast and easy robot deployment, even for small-volume production and fast change-overs
  • Easy programming with no experience required, and re-useable programs for recurrent tasks
  • Lightweight for easy redeployment to different machines
  • No need for dedicated, shielded work cells (after risk assessment)
  • Improved worker safety