Maintain high quality with cobots in pharmaceuticals and chemistry

Collaborative robot arms meet stringent pharmaceuticals and chemistry quality

Robots take on a range of healthcare-related applications

Robotics in the pharmaceutical, chemistry, and life sciences industries are performing a wide range of tasks. Robot arms can be used for mixing, counting, dispensing, inspection, and packaging to deliver consistent results. And robots are ideal for sterile handling and assembly of the small, delicate parts that are used in prosthetics, implants, and medical devices. For these critical applications, robots can eliminate human error and possibility of contamination, and increase output and consistent quality. Specialty jacket or sleeves are available for specific application requirements.

Meet stringent healthcare industry specifications

Robots from Universal Robots are designed to meet the healthcare industry's stringent requirements for accuracy, precision, and hygiene. Universal Robots are hermetically sealed and provided with a smooth outer housing which collects almost no dust or deposits.

Easy cobot redeployment for varied processes

Collaborative robot arms are small enough to fit in nearly any pharmaceutical or chemistry process. Simple programming allows them to be used for a wide range of applications, and programs can be reused for recurrent processes.

Advantages of cobots in the pharmaceuticals and chemistry industry

  • Hermetically sealed for use in hygienic environments
  • Specifically designed outer casing to reduce accumulation of dust and debris
  • Improve consistency while reducing waste