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New e-Series 

Collaborative robots pioneer Universal Robots unveiled at Automatica 2018 its e-Series cobot arms, the next generation of its flagship line. The company says the UR3e, UR5e, and UR10e offer more precision and sensitivity, enabling a wider range of applications, faster set up times and new safety features.

The Universal Robots e-Series doesn’t look much different on the outside from the older models. But it’s what’s inside the UR3e (3kg payload, 500mm reach), UR5e (5kg payload, 850mm reach) and UR10e (10kg payload, 1300mm reach) that counts. A UR spokesperson said the new e-Series is the equivalent of “upgrading from the old iPhone to a new iPhone.” Here’s a quick breakdown of the major new benefits of the e-Series:

  • A built-in Force/Torque (FT) sensor at the wrist
  • A 500Hz bus frequency
  • A larger and higher resolution teach pendant
  • New software interface
  • 17 safety features, including the ability to program stopping time and stopping distance

With the built-in FT sensor, Universal says its range of applications has broadened significantly, especially to applications where more sensitivity is required.

Comparison Specifications

UR3e: Tabletop Cobot   

UR5e: Most Popular Cobot   
UR10e: Cobot for Longer Reach